Tollbooth Museum
Itinerary Stonehaven

Day Itinerary – Edinburgh to Stonehaven

Day Trip: Edinburgh – Stonehaven


Train Edinburgh to Stonehaven (Inverurie Train)

Earlier Train Itinerary Time Other Times
07:31 – 09:35 08:31 – 10:35 Train runs hourly


Train Stonehaven to Edinburgh (Leeds Train)

Earlier Train Itinerary Time Next Train
16:45 – 19:34 18:36 – 20:50 19:28 – 21:34

 Ticket Prices: Advance from: £8.30 / Standard: £31.90 / My Cost: £11.80 and £10.20*

I bought two single tickets 1 month in advance, cheaper tickets are available 2 months in advance.  I also found it cheaper to buy two single tickets rather than a return ticket, tickets can be bought on the Scotrail website.



Tollbooth Museum Stonehaven Harbour Dunnottar Castle
Adult: £0 Adult: £0 Admission: £7
Open: 13:30 – 16:30* Open: n/a Open: 09:00 – 17:30
War Memorial Dunnottar Woods
Adult: £0 Adult: £0
Open: n/a Open: n/a

*closed on Tuesdays, opening hours are variable as when I visited the museum was open at 11am.


Lunch Options

Tollbooth Seafood Restaurant – Fixed price lunch menu for £20
The Ship Inn – Harbour views and some great Scottish dishes
The Bay Restaurant – Award Winning fish and chips on the beach front



Start Time: 08:31 – 10:35 Edinburgh Waverly to Stonehaven (Inverurie Train)

20 min Walk from train station to Stonehaven Harbour

Stonehaven Train Station to Harbour

  • 11:00 – 11:25: Attraction – Tollbooth Museum

The harbour is outside the museum and offers some great photo opportunities.

  • 11:25 – 12:00: Attraction – Stonehaven Harbour

Lunch: 12:00 – 13:00 – Ship Inn

 15-minute walk along coastal route to war memorial (to get to coastal route walk past the Ship Inn to Castle Wynd and follow signs)

Stonehaven Harbour to War Memorial

  •  13:15 – 13:30: Attraction – Stonehaven War Memorial

Walk along the Shorehead past the ship Inn until you see Wallace Wynd and the sign to Dunnottar Castle on the right, walk down the wynd the turn left up some stairs to the coastal route which runs to the right along the road then into on to the castle taking around 25 minutes’ walk to reach the war memorial.

  •  14:00 – 15:00: Attraction – Dunnottar Castle 

It is a 30 Minute walk to Dunnottar woods, exit Dunnottar Castle by the car park then turn right and walk about 100 yards where you will find a small farm road on your left, walk up that road until you reach the A957.  Cross the road and turn left onto the footpath then walk for about 5 minutes until and follow the bend as it turns onto Dunnottar church which leads to the entrance of the woods.

Dunnottar Castle to Dunnottar Woods

  • 15:30 – 16:00: Attraction – Dunnottar Woods

 Walk the red route through the woods back to Market Square town centre, following the red wooden posts as guides along the route.

I had free time after the woods and spent it with a walk along the beach and a pint in the local bar as below:

10 Minute walk along beach to Open Air Pool

  • 16:15 – 17:00: Attraction – Stonehaven Beach

10 Minute walk back to Market Square and to The Market Bar for a pint of Guinness for an hour before Train departure

20 Minute walk from Market Bar to Train Station

Departure Time: 18:36 – 20:50 – Stonehaven Train Station to Edinburgh Waverley (Leeds Train)


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