I am an Edinburgh based travel blogger who after spending the past 15 years exploring every continent on the planet has decided to start exploring my home country of Scotland.  This blog was created as motivation for me to both travel around more of Scotland and also hopefully to inspire others to explore this great country too.  I don’t have a car which means that all of the trips will be done by public transport, this will include trains, buses, planes and ferries and maybe even a bicycle if things get really desperate.

I am from an IT background and have lived in a variety of places in Scotland including Fife, Dundee, Loch Ness and now Edinburgh. As i am based in Edinburgh all my trips will be from there and i will include tips on transport, costs and share lots of pictures of my travels, along with some great local tips for visiting Edinburgh and my former home of Fife.

I am new to blogging so this blog will hopefully evolve over time as i find the right style which will probably be a mix of rambling and constant use of a thesaurus to make me seem more cultured. I have also decided to spent 2019 in Scotland and leave my passport in a drawer and to this end i will be taking 12 trips in Scotland for the price of one overseas trip so be sure to follow my journey which will include walking the West Highland Way, visiting the most remote bar in Britain and the best beaches in the UK.