Blair Atholl Castle
Blair Atholl Perthshire Pitlochry

Day trip to Blair Atholl and Pitlochry

I must have passed through both Blair Atholl and Pitlochry dozens of times when I used to commute from Inverness to Fife, they are about halfway between Inverness and Edinburgh at the start of the Cairngorms National Park in northern Perthshire. Aside from the scenery one of the main attractions you notice is the white …

Tollbooth Museum
Itinerary Stonehaven

Day Itinerary – Edinburgh to Stonehaven

Day Trip: Edinburgh – Stonehaven Transport Train Edinburgh to Stonehaven (Inverurie Train) Earlier Train Itinerary Time Other Times 07:31 – 09:35 08:31 – 10:35 Train runs hourly   Train Stonehaven to Edinburgh (Leeds Train) Earlier Train Itinerary Time Next Train 16:45 – 19:34 18:36 – 20:50 19:28 – 21:34  Ticket Prices: Advance from: £8.30 / …

Robert Burns Cottage
Ayr Itinerary

Day Itinerary – Edinburgh to Ayrshire

Day Trip: Edinburgh – Ayrshire This itinerary can be completed in a single day from Edinburgh, it includes public transport information, options for lunch and recommended attractions to visit. Transport Bus Edinburgh to Glasgow and Glasgow to Edinburgh Edinburgh to Glasgow 07:35 – 08:56 Every 15 Minutes Glasgow to Edinburgh 19:00 – 20:17 Every 15 …

Abbotsford House
Borders Melrose

Borders Day Trip – Abbotsford House and Melrose Abbey

The borders region in the south of Scotland is somewhere that I have yet to really explore and with the opening of the Borders railway line in 2015 it couldn’t be easier to travel there from Edinburgh.  My trip today has a strong Sir Walter Scott influence, he lived and died in the borders and …

Blair Atholl Distillery
Blair Atholl Itinerary Pitlochry

Day Itinerary – Edinburgh to Blair Atholl and Pitlochry

Transport Edinburgh to Blair Atholl (Inverness Train) Earliest Time Itinerary Time Other Time 06:33 – 08:52 (1 change) 08:34 – 10:31 10:36 – 12:33 Ticket Prices: Advance from: £11.70 / Standard: £27.10   Blair Atholl to Pitlochry (Edinburgh Train) Earliest Time  Itinerary Time Other Time 11:15 – 11:24 14:21 – 14:31 13:13 – 13:49 (bus) …